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Common SEO Mistakes

You get a website designed for business promotion. In case you feel your website is unable to attract traffic and generate leads, there is something seriously wrong. And on most occasions this something is “SEO”. The jargon stands for Search Engine Optimization and can be termed as the strategic placement of keywords for a better … Continue reading

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WeblinkIndia.Net – Blogs Release August 2012

Lies that Your SEO Company May Tell You With boom in internet marketing and E-commerce, a large share of marketing budget is being diverted towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Entrepreneurs are now visualizing SEO as a long term marketing strategy and thus, are ready to invest a large share of their marketing budgets on companies providing … Continue reading

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Short Term and Long Term SEO Goals

For any company with a virtual presence, SEO goals are of vital importance. SEO process is integral as it brings the company’s website and subsequently the company itself to a potential client’s notice. A company’s SEO goals may be divided into short term as well as long term ones. Short Term Goals Making a careful … Continue reading

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WeblinkIndia.Net – Blogs Release November 2011

HTML And CSS: Contributing To Web Revolution The Cyber world has undergone a huge revolution over the years. Many advanced programming languages have contributed to this development and amongst the prominent are HTML and CSS. Favored by all the search engines, utilization of these languages has increased extensively over the past few years.[…] Latest Trends … Continue reading

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Latest Trends For Building A Strong Web-Base!

The changing trends in social media marketing are no longer a surprise. Now, it is quite clear that people want to connect with each others for sharing experiences and seek recommendations from those who are already informed. The following tips can serve as a guide for carrying an online business successfully. These will help you … Continue reading